About Beth Bradley

Beth Bradley began studying animal behavior and dog training at 12 years of age. She became a New Jersey State Animal Control Officer in 1986 and graduated Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Throughout her schooling, Beth worked and studied under many well-renowned animal behaviorists and trainers. Beth formed her own company in 1989 and has made dog training her full time career since 1995.

Beth offers her training knowledge to rescue organizations and volunteers at many shelters helping dogs that are in need of a little training in order to find a forever home. Beth has fostered and trained many dogs that would have otherwise been un-adoptable.
Beth offers group training, individual one-on-one training and will even take some dogs into her home for specialized training.

Beth is the Author of Real World Dog Training and has written all of the training articles on this web page. Beth has also produced CD-Roms and DVD’s on training. In addition, Beth has trained her own dogs and clients dogs for television and movie roles. Beth’s dogs can be seen on many commercials, Law and Order, Damages and the Sopranos.

In order to separate herself from other dog trainers, not only does Beth teach and train dogs professionally, Beth competes in both AKC obedience and Schutzhund trials; nationally as well as in Europe.

She puts her skills to the test of knowledgeable judges and expert trainers every time she competes. She has trained and titled dogs from an AKC Companion Dog to a Utility Dog Excellent title as well putting 25 Schutzhund titles on her own dogs. She owns and trained one of the top 10 ranked obedience German Shepherds in the country in 1998.

Beth is also ranked nationally, her dogs continuously placed in the top percentile in the sport of Schutzhund and she has represented the United States in the FCI World Trials in 2003, 2009, 2015 and 2016.
Fyte von der Staatsmacht is Beth's current competition dog.  He was ranked High IPO1 at the 2014 Northeast Schutzhund Regional Championships, High IPO2 at OG Keystone Trial 2014 Fall Trial and High IPO3 at Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Trial 2014 Fall Trial; all before the age of 2 years. 
Fyte earned a spot on the United States Schutzhund WUSV Team 2015 & 2016.  He was the youngest dog ever to become a part of this prestigious team and the youngest dog ever from the United States to compete on foreign soil (Finland & Germany)
At the 2015 USCA IPO Nationals Fyte won Vice Champion
290 (99, 95, 96).

At the 2016 USCA IPO Nationals, Fyte was Nationals Champion with the following:
287 (99-88-97), High in Trial, High Track, High Protection, High HOT
and High Breed Surveyed Dog.


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